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A Guide to Designing Mobile Apps

Writing and designing a mobile app for Android or iOS can be a challenging task. Below are some helpful tips for apps designers for Android and iOS.

Great mobile apps keep the focus on one thing. One sentence should be enough to describe what your mobile app can do.

There should be ease in using the back button on your device. Consistency in navigating the user back when using the back button in an Android with the native OS supplied back button should be an app feature. A back button placed on the top-left corner should be visible on an iOS mobile device.

The shortcoming of some app designers is that they do not think so much of how the screen will look like when the on-screen keyboard is up. Make sure that you test your on-screen context when the keyboard is up to find out if users can still see what they are doing.
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If there are only a few data input fields on your app, then putting placeholders inside of the field is fine and can make your app look cleaner.
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Consider making your app buttons big enough for easy use because there are a lot of users who have small phones and they might have difficulty when the buttons are small.

The placement of your buttons is very important. Remember that when a user is holding a smartphone, the lower half of the screen can easily be reached by the thumb. A person who is right handed can easily reach the bottom-right part of the phone and the same is true with lefties but on the opposite side. If you want to see your users able to use one hand when utilizing the app, you should always remember this.

You should think ahead of the information needed by the user when you ask a request for information input. The information you need should be available to the users so that they do not need to go to another location to find it.

Image resolution is important in having a great app. Modern smartphones have high resolutions that can look very beautiful. If you are using low resolution images then your app will look grainy and fuzzy. A perfectly clean look for your images can be achieved if you use high resolution.

If you want your mobile app to be a success, think carefully in designing its user interface. No matter how fast or functional your app is, if its user interface is not that great, it can easily get beaten by that mobile app with a great user interface. Successful apps that has power in the marketplace are those that users can learn and use easily.